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We use our experience and training to help families with children who have behavioral and/or mental health challenges.  Our specialized experience allows us to advocate on behalf of these families with children who have mental or behavioral health challenges. Our …

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2021 Jermaine Broughton Award

Congratulations to the 2021 Jermaine Broughton Award recipient, Barbra Messick! "Barb" has been dedicated to helping families long before the birth of Champions. Her devotion and passion are the strengths of our organization. Champions for Children’s Mental Health is proud to present the 2021 Jermaine Broughton Award to our leader as she continues to share Jermaine's vision for Champions and push forward, even in the toughest of times.

Barb Messick
2021 Jermaine Broughton Award

  • Testimonials

    “I am very appreciative of the FSPs! If it wasn’t
    for the FSP being there to support the mother
    and work alongside me to find the best route for
    the family, the day would have been twice as
    frustrating and even more exhausting
    (emotionally and physically). I feel that the
    mother wouldn’t have been able to get through
    this ordeal without the FSP.”
    —Therapist, Georgetown

  • Testimonials

    “I love the idea of having someone that can
    partner with the parent and support them in a
    variety of ways. Whether it is helping them build
    their support network, attending meetings, helping
    them navigate the “system,” helping them
    advocate for their children and family or identify
    resources and natural supports, etc.”
    —Psychologist, Wilmington

  • Testimonials

    “A Family Support Provider greatly increases a
    family’s chances for success. While they are
    first and foremost a support to the parent, they are
    also by extension a support to us. As coordinators,
    we wear many hats and fulfill many different roles.
    As a result, unfortunately the family may not
    receive the amount of support from us individually
    as we wish we could provide.”
    —Care Coordinator, Dover

  • Testimonials

    “I LOVE working with the Family Support
    Providers. They are an amazing support to our
    families and an awesome resource to us. It’s been
    helpful to keep the lines of communication open
    with the FSPs and include them in team meetings.
    Their contribution and input has been so helpful in
    developing good plans for the families
    and partnering with the parent.”
    —Family Therapist, Newark