Research demonstrates that Family Support Providers can help improve outcomes.

Family Support Providers (FSPs) offer structured and strength-based relationships between themselves and caregivers. Each FSP has a valuable set of skills, evidence-based training, and lived experience of parenting a child with emotional challenges. Our Team is uniquely qualified to support families in:

  • identifying resources
  • connecting with services
  • navigating care systems
  • building natural supports​

Here are a few reasons referring families for Family Support Provider Services is a good idea:

“The self efficacy and empowerment of families can
be enhanced by providing family support, and this
has been associated with a variety of improved outcomes
such as service initiation and completion; increased
knowledge about the youth’s condition and relevant
services; and youth functioning at discharge.”
(Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., Family
and Youth Peer Support Literature Review, 2013
Increased Reunification Rates
Family Peer Support
participants were 4x more
likely to reunify with their
(Berrick et al., 2011)
Increased Initiation of MH services
(Koroloff et al., 1996)

Improved Caregiver Outcomes
Self-efficacy and perceived social supports and skills
(Hoagwood et al., 2010)

Increased Family Well-being
Increased family empowerment
and caregiver report of family
(Koroloff et al., 1996)

Reduction in Hospitalizations
Lowered inpatient hospital recidivism by 15%
(Landers & colleagues, 2011)

Provider Referral Packet

Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health (PBH) Family Referral Form

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